Thermal Sealer

Smart Sealer 420NR

(Item Code MQ446)


The Smart Sealer 420 NR sealer is constructed in 304 Stainless Steel. Bushing with 400mm long double weld with continuous heating.

Its design was developed so that there is no accumulation of residues, facilitating its cleaning.

220V / 60Hz, NR12 and NBR5410 Standards





Smart Sealer 420NR Benchtop

The Smart Sealer 420 NR sealer is made of 304 stainless steel.

Its design was developed so that there is no accumulation of waste, facilitating its cleaning.

Production Line Sealing Example

Sealing Detail

Smart Sealer 420NR with Pedestal

Packaging Sealing Examples


Smart Sealer 420 NR

400mm long double welded busbar with continuous heating.

LED illumination display.

(To view the sealing job)

Welding temperature up to 250º C

Resistance 220 Volts / 60Hz - 750 Watts

Programmable Electronic Panel: cycle speed / temperature / welding time / counters

Pneumatic system

Compressed Air Pressure 6 bar

Dimensions: Height: 1550mm / Width: 430mm / Length: 600mm

420 NR Sealing Weight with Pedestal: 45Kg

1,500 packages per hour rated capacity

Protection IP 65

The digital panel is responsible for temperature, speed and cycle control and can be configured for pedal operation. Solder packages of Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Polinylon.

Watch the video of the Sealer Smart Sealer FR700NR-2

Teflon Tapes with Adhesive for Thermal Sealers

Teflon tape is made of PTFE impregnated fiberglass fabric backing with excellent non-stick characteristics and high tensile and abrasion resistance. Silicone based adhesive. It has a corrugated plastic liner of yellow color. Resists most solvents, salts and acids. It works as a non-slip endurance of plastic packaging sealing machines, food conveyor coating and injected parts and also serves as an anti-abrasive coating on gutters and ducts.

Main features:

• Made of 100% expanded PTFE

• Chemically inert

• Temperature resistant

• Highly adaptable

• Dimensionally stable

• Easy to install

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