print apply frontal.png

Application example on the front of the box

Label Applicator
Print Apply

The print apply label applicator has a pneumatic system for greater agility in the production line.

With fiber optic sensors it is possible to have quick responses and better sensing.

The print apply system is controlled by PLC and controlled by an HMI panel.

This system can be used in several segments. Being able to apply labels directly on the product, at the end of the line, on the side of the box or on the front, on pallets,

Technical specifications  

Working voltage:
220V 60 Hz

up to 30m / min

Coil Width:
10mm to 115mm

Coil Length:

10mm to 300mm

Air entrance:
8 bar pressure

Electronic Sensor:
for reading labels

7 "color display with high resolution

Standards: NBR5410 / NR12

print apply lateral.png

Application example on the side of the assembled pallet


Application example in the box sealer with Print Apply on the front of the box


Example of application on the side of pallets

Duplo Print Apply.JPG

Print Apply double applicator example