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BR 10 2016 004742 0

The Automatic Chicken Wrapper was developed to close plastic containers for various sizes of chicken, closing up to 1200 chickens / hour.

One of the advantages of the automatic PKC 1200 Wrapper is that only one operator can feed three or more machines in the process, with the packages that close the chickens and the adhesive tapes that seal them.

The PKC 1200 automatic wrapping machine, after completing the chicken closure process, is released by the ROBOT on a continuous conveyor or by placing them on the same conveyor in a box, where it goes into the freezing chamber.


Therefore, the process has two options:


PKC 1200 Productivity

Chicken released on treadmill: 1200 p / hour

Chicken released and boxed: 900 p / hour

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Uses Robotic System

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Box Positioned Mode

up to 900 chickens / hour

  Technical Specifications                              

  Voltage: 220V Three Phase /                         380V Three Phase                                         

  Power: 7KW

  IP65W protection                                         

  Feeding: Automatic or Manual

  Engine: Variable Speed                               

  Vacuum Withdrawal Packaging

  Uses Robotic System                                  

  Magazine Backup: 500 Packages

  Certification: NR-12 / NBR-5410