Date Printer


Made by TECMAES.

Dedicated digital panel, up to 2,500 Prints per Hour, Hot Stamping Printing System, Has controls and Temperature, Press, Gearmotor Delay, Continuous pedal, Program menu lock, Prog counter. General Counter, Standard power plug type J 220V / 60Hz, NR12 and NBR5410 standards (Compressed air required - 3 to 4 bar).


Special Pneumatic Date Printer

Thermal printing equipment for flexible plastic packaging, plastic labels, polystyrene labels, plasticized paper bags, hamburger boxes, meatballs, snacks, nuggets (cartons).


It was developed to encode large plastic packages, with automatic activation by sensor.

Uses hot stamping tapes with a low printing cost.

Need compressed air.
Uses hot stamping tapes with a low printing cost.

Automatic Sensor Activation

Digital display, greater control and precision


It has controls for:





Continuous pedal

Lock Menu Prog.

Prog counter

General Accountant


In case of errors, messages are shown on the display.

Application Examples

Ideal for flexible plastic packaging, plastic, polystyrene labels and plasticized paper bags, cartons and hamburger boxes, among others

Video Pneumatic Date Printer

 Technical specifications        

    Equipment Dimensions:                                   
    Length: 1200mm
    Width: 900mm                                                   
    Height: 1300mm

    Printing Type: Hot Stamping                            

    Print Capacity: 2500 prints / hour
    Working voltage: 
220V - 60Hz                          

    System: Electric

    Net weight: 35kg                                                

Hot Stamping Tapes for Thermodators

Hot stamping tapes are used in a variety of products, such as labels, greeting cards, packaging, electronics, appliances, cosmetics, textiles, leather, furniture, automotive parts, bank cards, frames, plastic parts in general, glass, aluminum etc.

         NUMBER OF TRAILS      

01 FAB 00/00/00


02 FAB 00/00/00

     VAL 00/00/00


03 FAB 00/00/00

          VAL 00/00/00     

        LOT 000             


                CLICK 2mm               

30,500 impressions


15,200 impressions


10,000 impressions

-------------------------------- --

--------- CLICHÊ 3.5mm           

20,300 impressions


11,100 impressions


7,100 impressions

---------------------------- ------

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